BeautyQan is the place for your aesthetic needs!

When you come for the treatment you will meet a friendly and professional Nurse Injector. After filling out all necessary documents and consents, your face will then be assessed. Express your expectations and concerns, and you will get the answers. The treatment does not take long and it is almost painless. We want you to LOOK GREAT to FEEL GREAT! Make BeautyQan BTX USA your preffered place for facial aesthetic needs! Business operation is covered by Medical Director, separately for each state.

In Wallington, New Jersey we are associated with Luxy European Nails and Brows where you can also inquire about Luxy's services. Port Jervis (New York) location is shared with Downstate Adult Health where you can receive additional services, including Weight Loss and Management, I.V. Infusions and Hydration, Ozone Therapy, or even Hormone Replacement Therapy. These services are provided by the experienced Nurse Practitioner. For more information visit

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Common Misconceptions About Neurotoxins